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Brand Identity

Covering all areas of the visual representation of a brand, my aesthetic approach often merges minimalism with a distinct sense of play. I create logos that clients can rely on for years, while the rest of their brand identity adapts their growing businesses.





Art Director - Branding and Web Development

BACU was created to help Tampa Bay’s credit unions help members make the most out of their money because Credit Unions have your best interest in mind. 

The main concept and CTA is: You don’t need a Bank to Bank.

I was brought into the project to create the brand, and the website. Something that would feel like it belong with all the other credit unions in the area, but would be elevated to be able to embody the concept of bringing them all together.

The logo was meant to feel familiar, but it could not match any of the starting 15 credit union members. The website was relatively simple, but I had to create a random logo shuffle, so that no credit union would feel cheapen by their logo not showing up on the top of the section.

More Information and examples:


Allendale UMC


Logo and identity design

Allendale is a church in St. Petersburg, FL. and like many churches there was a lowered attendance. However, with a radical message of love, Allendale has been growing and needed a refreshed look.

I was asked for a logo and branding that would feel new and modern, but also feel familiar.


Vital North Creative


Logo and identity design

Vital North Creative is an agency in St. Petersburg, FL. VNC wants to be more than just a creative agency, they want their clients to feel that there is a creative partner with personal touch to each of their projects.

They wanted a symbol and identity that would represent that. The (kind of) hidden finger says that this is personal and points north.


Statera Retirement


Logo and identity design

Statera is a financial web application to be used by financial advisors. The new company needed a visual identity that would establish the brand quickly for its various audiences and would be distinct from the rest of the competitors.

The Statera symbol is composed of the concept of balancing their three main factors for their mathematics, users and the consumers. Together with a bold, confident wordmark, the visual identity stands for a trusted and experienced company poised to hit the ground running.

See more of the application in visual design.


La Vie en Rose


Logo and identity design

The name La Vie en Rose Restorations was inspired by the Louis Armstrong song "La Vie en Rose" and their love of New Orleans and all things vintage. The client wanted something versatile that would play into their name.

The symbol has a layered meaning, it shows roses and flowers but also lets people know that it has to do with painting and making things look new again. This was a concept that was very difficult to put together with the samples the clients first game me of what they liked, but I felt that this was the essence of what they were looking for. And they agreed as well.


Reyes Baseball Academy


Logo and identity design

Baseball was something I grew up with, my father was a professional baseball player and he decided to create his own academy. Sports logos have always fascinated me, and I finally had a chance to create one.

The symbol is meant to feel familiar to the industry, while also feeling new and fresh.




Logo design

The Lineage Retreat was an event to help people find themselves and other likeminded people.

The Symbol is meant to represent the three of life and, if you look closely, you can see that the left side is “Y” and the right one is “X.” This was meant to have extra meaning aside from the obvious. The client wanted a symbol that would tell a story of how man and women, friends and strangers are all together.  


Jada Fitness


Logo design

Jada fitness is a bit of a startup, they want to be your online fitness trainer. The client wanted something that would represent who they are. It is simple enough to work everywhere, while standing out from the field of fitness logos.

There was a second concept the client liked, which was the idea of helping people make a “U-Turn,” they ended up not using it, but I really liked the logo and wanted to share it as well.


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